Our History

Who Is It we are?

Biomax S.A. It was founded,,es,and it is dedicated to the wholesale distribution of petroleum-derived liquid fuels,,es,further,,es,He has developed other business lines,,es,In,,es,Brío it acquired through a takeover bid,,es,During the,,es,born Ecoresponsable program,,es,which is still in force and seeks to make a significant contribution to minimize environmental impact and conserve natural resources,,es,In the middle of,,es,Earlier,,es,UNO Colombia SAS keeps,,es,ordinary shares representing,,es,of the total outstanding shares of Biomax Biofuels S.A.,,es 27 February 2004 y está dedicada a la distribución mayorista de combustibles líquidos derivados del petróleo. Además, ha desarrollado otras líneas de negocio.

En 2010 Biomax S.A. adquirió a Brío por medio de una Oferta Pública de Adquisición.

Durante el 2012 nace el programa Ecoresponsable, el cual continúa vigente y busca hacer una contribución significativa para minimizar el impacto ambiental y conservar los recursos naturales.

A mediados de 2013 la multinacional centroamericana UNO, miembro del Grupo Terra, acquired 63,78% de las acciones de Biomax, consolidándose de esta forma como su principal accionista.

A inicios de 2017 UNO Colombia SAS queda con 214.110.381 acciones ordinarias que representan el 90.261% del total de acciones en circulación de Biomax Biocombustibles S.A.


We will be an active and innovative organization, adaptable to new market trends, obsessed with creating value for our employees, Customers, shareholders and communities in which we exercise our business.

We project ourselves as a thriving business where their way of working will ensure leadership in providing our services, Supported standards and clear rules. Our company will have a major role to make a better country caring for our friends: staff, Customers, suppliers and the environment.

Products and services

The Ecoresponsable program seeks to optimize the use of energy and natural resources in Biomax Service Stations, an example being the incorporation of practices in energy savings, reuse of natural resources and mitigate environmental impacts generated in Service Stations.