Means of Payment (FAQ)

How I can make the payment of my bills ?:

You can make bill payments using the following payment methods:

Consignment referenced: The format of the provision of any of the banks where you do the payment of invoices indicating the number of Nit in the field called reference1.

Billing Barcoding: Is received in our banks with full payment of invoices and ensures that shall be paid to the bill indicated.

Card Multirecaudo: Is received in our banks with partial or full payments of the invoice which will be credited to your statement.

Transfers: It is important that you indicate in the reference and / or concept Nit number field that records your bills, recommend making payments through the same bank Example: Bancolombia Bancolombia.

Should I send support provision so that it can be applied my payment?

Once make payments of invoices remember to consider the following recommendations:

Send all mail supports payment

Indicated in the email subject the payment method used, nit number and value of payment.

Example: Issue

The sending of the appropriation fax or email is not a means of payment application. It is a means contingent if payment has not been made correctly, and we facilitate their identification in the bank.

I made my payment on additional hours. Does this payment will be reflected on the same day I did?

When making additional payments schedule should be aware that they will be reported and applied to the working day following your statement, also if setpoint days Saturdays and holidays.

I made my payment transfer. Does this payment will be reflected on the same day I did?

If you make transfer from one bank to another and / or ACH, no additional time between banks to record the payment, possibly only be reflected the next day.

On what grounds can I return a check?

Among the main causes for returned checks is:

Lack of funds.
Lack of continuity in the endorsement.
Identification holder insufficient.

To prevent the return of checks on the grounds: fhigh continuity in the endorsement and insufficient ID holder, always remember to include the back of the check:

  • Number of account to which payment is made
  • Signature of endorsement of the depositor
  • Contact phone

Please fill in this order to achieve proper endorsement of the check

All returned checks generates a fine 20% (twenty) the value of the amount rotated if your return is causal of said: carencia absolute fund, insufficient funds, stop payment.

I made my payment after the due date. ¿Default interest will be generated?

Any payment made after the appropriate date, generate interest on arrears, which liquidated weekly in the system. The rate used is the legal maximum allowed by law.